Top 5 Washing Machines On The Market

Finding the right washing machine can seem next to impossible, especially when there are so many to choose from on a site like Amazon. That’s why we took a look at all the most popular washing machines and rated the top 5 based not only on user reviews, but our own experience and expertise

5. Kenmore 22352 Washer

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If you are looking for a basic washing machine that will get that job done without costing you a fortune, the Kenmore 22352 Washer is going to be your best bet.

The Kenmore 22352 Washer is about as bare bones as it gets when it comes to a washing machine.  However, it’s lack of digital display and fancy features like iPhone/Android controllability or steam cleaning could be a plus for people who are looking for something that is simple and easy to use. Just turn the dials to your desired settings and press “start”. What this washer lacks in features is makes up for in performance, measuring up to many higher-end models in the stain removal category. This is the best washing machine you are going to find in it’s price range and it’s available to Kenmore 22352 Washer with free delivery and hookup.

4. Kenmore 28133 Washer

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If you are looking for a washing machine that is a bit more stylish with more features, you may want to go with the Kenmore 28133 Washer.

Not only does the Kenmore 28133 Washer sport a sleek and stylish design, it also is loaded with features, especially for it’s low price. It features Kenmore’s exclusive Triple Action Impeller, an advanced washing system that includes a 9 jet spray system, wash basket and impeller action that work together to efficiently clean and remove stains. Not only is this washer great at what it does, it does it quietly using a Direct Drive Motor that adjusts to different loads and provides just the right amount of power. One of the coolest features however is the StainBoost option, which allows you to extend the wash cycle for stains that need extra care. It’s available to buy on Amazon with free delivery and hookup.

3. Bosch WAT28401UC 500

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If you want a washing machine that is both efficient and quiet, the Bosch WAT28401UC 500 is what you are looking for.

The Bosch WAT28401UC 500 is both hard on stains and gentle on clothes. It features a snag-free stainless steel drum that prevents pulls and tears that cause clothes to age more quickly. It also boasts ActiveWater, an automatic load detection technology that adjusts water usage based on the size of the load, resulting in extremely efficient water use. It has anti-vibration technology that reduces noise and increases the stability of the washer. In addition to all of this, it has 15 wash cycles, a sanitize mode that heats the laundry to 170 degrees fahrenheit, and it’s stackable. This washer is the best in it’s price range you can buy it on Amazon with free shipping

2. Electrolux EFLS617STT

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The Electrolux EFLS617STT is one of the most effective stain removing washers available on the market. It combines various patented Electrolux technologies including LuxCare Wash and SmartBoost to effectively clean stains. It also has many useful features such as StainSoak, which combines water, detergent, and stain remover early in the cycle to eliminate pretreating, and PerfectSteam, in which steam rises from the bottom of the washer to lift dirt. The best feature, however, is the 15-minute wash, which quickly deep cleans clothes when you are in a hurry (yes, it actually works). The EFLS617STT Washer is available to buy on Amazon.

1. Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer

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At the top of our list is the Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer. This is the biggest and best washing machine you can get for the money with the most features and the best stain fighting power.

The first thing to note about the Kenmore Elite 41073 Washer is that it has a huge capacity – 5.2 cu. ft., big enough to handle all of the washing needs of a large family and then some. Not only that, it incorporates Kenmore’s Smart Motion Technology, which combines 6 different wash motions to wash every and any type of material. The best part is, it’s quiet – it does all of this while using it’s Direct Drive motor, which is designed to greatly reduce noise and vibration. Steam power takes care of set in stains as well as a second rinse cycle, which means no more pretreating, and high temperature sanitization technology reduces the need for heavy chemicals such as bleach. This is a great washer and you can buy it on Amazon with free delivery and hookup.

Whatever you end up choosing, Amazon has some great deals on washing machines, so we recommend buying there.

The prices listed in this article were recorded on 5/23/18, and could change over time.

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