Top 5 Dryers Available

Finding the right dryer can seem next to impossible, especially when there are so many to choose from on a site like Amazon. That’s why we took a look at all the most popular dryers and rated the top 5 based not only on user reviews, but our own experience and expertise.

5. Kenmore 68132 

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If you are looking for a basic dryer that will get that job done without costing you a fortune, the Kenmore 68132 is going to be your best bet.

The Kenmore 68132 is a very basic dryer, but what it lacks in design and features it makes up for in performance. Simply put, it’s a speed demon, able to power through large loads of laundry in just over 40 minutes. This is extremely fast for any dryer, let alone one in this price range. It’s available to buy on Amazon.

4. Kenmore 68133

If you are looking for a dryer set is a bit more stylish and has more features, you may want to go with the Kenmore 68133.

The Kenmore 68133 is very sleek and stylish and has many useful features. If you hate opening the dryer to damp clothes, then you are going to love Kenmore’s SmartDry Ultra technology, which includes to moister sensors that automatically adjust drying time. This also prevents over-drying, helping clothes last longer. Other features include WrinkleGuard, which tumbles clothes for up to 150 minutes after drying to prevent wrinkles, CertifiedSantitize which removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, led lighting, and sleek digital controls. This is a bargain for a modern style dryer with so many features, and you can buy it on Amazon with delivery and hookup.

3. Bosch WTG86401UC Condensation Dryer

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The Bosch WTG86401UC Condensation Dryer is one of the best on the market and one of the easiest to set up. This dryer is big, with a 4.0 cu. ft. stainless steel drum that can dry up to 18 towels at once. The best thing about this dryer is the fact that it’s a condensation dryer, which means no ducting is required. Instead, condensation drying collects the moister and releases it through the water drain. It has 4 temperature settings, 15 dry cycles, and anti-vibration technology to reduce noise and vibration while in use. This is a great dryer and you can buy it on Amazon with free shipping

2. Electrolux EFME617STT Electric Dryer

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If you are looking for a dryer with tons of features and some of the newest tech, EFME617STT Electric Dryer is what you’re going to want.

When it comes to the Electrolux EFME617STT Electric Dryer, there aren’t many dryers that can compete. This dryer is designed to keep your clothes looking new and fresh. It has plenty of features, including Perfect Steam wrinkle release, an allergen cycle, and an instant refresh cycle. In addition to all of this, it has a 15-minute dry cycle. It may be hard to believe that clothes can dry in 15-minutes, but it actually works, and without being too hard on your clothes. This means when combined with thewashing machine you could theoretically do a load of laundry in 30-minutes, although you may not want to make a habit of using this feature over the gentler cycles. The Electrolux EFME617STT is available to buy on Amazon.

1. Kenmore Smart 81983 Dryer

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At the top of our list is the Kenmore Smart 81983 Dryer. This is the biggest and best dryer set you can get for the money with the most features, newest tech, and the best stain fighting power.

With a capacity of 9 cu. ft. the Kenmore Smart 81983 Dryer is downright impressive. It uses Accela Steam technology to reduce wrinkles and odors which is directly connected to a water line, so no need to refill the steaming reservoir. It also has 14 different drying cycles to help you find the right treatment for your clothing. But the coolest thing about this dryer? It easily connects to your smart phone so you can keep tabs on each load. It even has Alexa allowing you to give it voice commands to start, stop, and change cycles. You can buy it on Amazon with free delivery and hookup.

Whatever you end up choosing, Amazon has some great deals on dryers, so we recommend buying there.

The prices listed in this article were recorded on 5/27/18, and could change over time.

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