This Gadget Makes It Impossible To Lose Things

If you are like me, you regularly find yourself searching for your keys, wallet, and other essentials before leaving the house. It can be a real problem, and the solution is the Tile. 

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What Is The Tile?

The Tile is a small bluetooth device that allows users to find their keys, wallet, and other personal items using the smartphone app. There is no monthly subscription fee, and there are a variety of different trackers to choose from. But how well does the Tile actually work? We took a look to find out.

What Types Of Tiles Are Available?

There are four different types of Tile bluetooth trackers available. There is the Tile Mate, the cheapest of the four, which retails for around $15 and is available to buy on Amazon. Then there is the Tile Slim, which is about as thick as 2 credit cards. This tile can easily fit inside a wallet or other tight spaces, and is currently available to buy on Amazon.

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Then there are the newer Tile models – the Tile Sport and the Tile Style. The Style is sleek and stylish, featuring a white and gold look, while the Sport is a bit larger. These Tiles have a range that is about twice that of the Tile Slim, are waterproof and dust resistant, and feature twice the alert volume of older models. The Tile Sport retails is available to buy on Amazon, and the Tile Style is also available to buy on Amazon.

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How Does The Tile Work?

So how does it work? A bluetooth tracker, commonly referred to as a key finder, is a device that can be attached to an item and paired with a smartphone using Bluetooth technology. The user can open the smartphone app to view the location of the device or where it was last seen. If the user is within range, they can press a button in the smartphone app that plays a sound on the device so it can be found. The reverse is also true for the Tile and some other bluetooth trackers, meaning the user can press a button on the tracker itself to ring the phone it is paired with. Pretty cool, huh?

But what if you are out of range of the device? Not to worry – anyone running the Tile app who comes in range of the Tile will notify you of it’s location, without even knowing. You’ll receive a notification telling you where to find the item.

Other Uses For The Tile

While the Tile was originally meant for use with keys, wallets, and the like, many people have found creative ways to utilize their Tile and make life a little easier. It can be attached to luggage, a backpack, a bike – even pet collars or in small children’s pockets.

Battery Life

The battery life of any Tile model is guaranteed for 1 year. The battery is not swappable, therefore once the battery runs out it’s time to get a new Tile. This isn’t a huge deal, however, considering the company offers a discount for users seeking to replace a dead device. 


The Tile Mate and Slim each are capable a range of 30-100 feet, while the Tile Style and Sport each have a range of around 200 feet. These distances have proved accurate through testing, though obstructions may reduce range a bit.

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Tile hands down makes some of the best bluetooth trackers available on the market. Their newest models have greatly improved on durability, style, volume, and battery life, therefore we recommend opting for the Tile Sport or Style. The only downside to the Tile is that is does not allow the user to replace the battery, requiring the device to be replace. However, Tile offers a discount for users who want to replace an old Tile, which is a great compromise for users who are not determined to replace the battery on their own.



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