Best 5 Earbuds On Amazon

It can be hard to figure out which earbuds are right for you, especially when there are so many to choose from on a site like Amazon. That’s why we took a look at all the most popular earbuds on Amazon and rated the top 5 based not only on user reviews, but our own experience and expertise. 

5. Klipsch R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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If you are looking for a nice pair of earbuds that sound great, are durable enough to handle daily workouts, and are reasonably priced, I recommend the Klipsch R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

These headphones sound awesome, emphasizing the high and mid range frequencies beautifully while preserving an excellent bass sound. The battery life averages anywhere from 10-12 hours off of a single charge, and feature an over-the-ear design that stays in place no matter how much you move around. In addition to all that, they are relatively cheap and you can buy them on Amazon.

4. Panasonic RPHJE120 In-Ear Headphones 

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The Panasonic RPHJE120 In-Ear Headphones consistently beat out higher priced earbuds on the Amazon best-seller list. They come in many different colors, you can buy them on Amazon, and they can do the job when you are in desperate need of earbuds.

They don’t sound the best, aren’t particularly sturdy, and are pretty uncomfortable. But, hey, sometimes you just need a pair of headphones, and these are perfect for when you just need something to get through your hour long workout and forgot your good earbuds at home.

3.  BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

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If you are willing to shell out a little more for headphones, the BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones are pretty much top of the line. These earbuds are made for people who live active lifestyles without sacrifices to sound quality or look.

It has a sturdy ear hook design that is meant to stay in place no matter how much you are moving around. It has superb wireless performance, frequency range, and has a long-lasting battery life that would impress almost anyone. They are a bit expensive and you can buy them on Amazon, but are honestly worth every penny.

2.  JLab Audio Epic Wireless Earbuds

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If you are looking for a pair of headphones that can take a beating at work, at the gym, and everywhere in between, the JLab Audio Epic Wireless Earbuds could be right for you.

The JLab Epics are bass-forward, meaning that it’s great for metal or dance music, but fans of classical or vocal driven music might not get the sound they are looking for out of their music. They have a 10-hour battery life, and are water resistant, meaning that they can handle as much sweat as you throw at them without issue. They have they latest bluetooth technology for maximum connectivity and you can buy them on Amazon.

1. 1MORE Quad Driver Earbuds

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Some people are willing to sacrifice the quality for a lower price tag, opting for the cheap Skullcandy earbuds and calling it a day. If you are tired of making this sacrifice, it might be time to introduce you to the 1MORE Quad Driver Earbuds.

Some would consider the to be a little pricey, especially considering they are not wireless. But wireless capability aside, they are some of the best sounding headphones I’ve ever heard. They emphasize the bass beautifully, but are not bass-heavy, making them perfect for any genre of music you choose to enjoy. In addition to their great sound, they are made out of lightweight titanium making them sleek and able to take a beating. They are reasonably priced and you can buy them on Amazon.

Whatever you end up choosing, Amazon has some great deals on earbuds, so we recommend buying there.

The prices listed in this article were recorded on 5/8/18, and could change over time.

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